Sunday, July 1, 2012

Update for Various

1. The e-book sellers have sent the word down that book covers will be required to be at least 1400 pixels or so, way up from about 500 pixels. Apple may be driving this, but Amazon is also on board. I've got to believe that the iPad, especially the new one with HD (retina display) is the reason. E-book readers will want to see a larger book cover than the little thumbnail image they now see. Apparently, the old covers won't be required to be changed, but I will endeavor to send in a larger image for each of mine. It will take a little extra work, since I don't have the original larger one, especially for my first Zombie book.

2. The draft of Book 4, my second Zombie book, is at 30,000 words now and moving along.

3. My third painting exhibition just finished up on June 30th at the Taunton Art Association. I had some positive comments about the Misty Woods in the Morning and the Seggreganset #2 painting. I will be fixing my signature on the latter as it should be less of a distraction (smaller, less angled per a constructive comment by an experienced painter).

4. The blog is approaching 4000 page views.

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