Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Review to Ignore

If you've seen the Amazon listing, you will notice one review of 'Flatline Virus: When Zombies Evolved'. The reviewer clearly was expecting to read a book by William Gibson, the famous, best-selling, award-winning science fiction writer. What he read was my book. Sorry. Maybe he should have known. My middle initial is D. The famous Gibson doesn't use his. In fact, his name is usually larger than the title of his book. That's how famous he is. I don't have fault with the reviewer being disappointed that he didn't get to read a William (the famous one) Gibson book (maybe a clue was that it was selling for $2.99). Although I have received some personal, quite positive unwritten reviews regarding the book, it is my first and I'm not best-selling or famous or award-winning. I do, however, take umbrage with the 'flawed science' criticism. I spent many hours researching the science-related aspect of the book, e.g. viruses, pathogens in general, decomposition, vaccines, epidemics and the CDC. It's all well-documented in published articles, wikipedia and elsewhere.

The reviewer ('RB' for short) is a rather prolific reviewer, although I did notice his last three were 1 star out of 5. Kind of negative, like a lot of his. The image below is from his reviewer profile page (yes, really). I wouldn't show my face either. His very short reviews on many items, not just books (in fact, books seem to be in the vast minority), like the one on Flatline Virus, are not well defended, or defended at all. They're just a stick in the eye with little else. I hope you give the book a chance. By the sales figures, the one review didn''t seem to matter.

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