Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Scene from the Book - Saving Blankie and Emmie

This is a sample from the book. The scene is this. Steve Spalding went to pick up his two dogs from the neighbors, the Senecas, who had been caring for them while the Spaldings were on their honeymoon....

The Senecas loved dogs and Blankie and Emmie got along well with them. As Steve pulled out of his driveway, there were eyes looking at him through the boarded up windows of most of the houses on the street. He pulled the Jeep in the Senecas’ yard, stopped the car, opened his door, and walked to the door on the side of the house. He knocked on the door. Nothing. He rang the doorbell. Nothing, but he could hear the dogs barking, then squealing somewhere in the house. He called them, “Blankie,” along with, “Hey, Phil, Marj, you home?” Nothing, except the sound of dogs squealing like they were hurt. Then Steve heard Blankie growl like he had never heard him. Blankie was only about a year old and still growing, about 70 pounds, part Husky and part Great Pyrenees. They called him Blankie, partly because he was mostly white and partly because his intellectual capacity wasn’t anywhere near the doggie Mensa level. Emmie, mostly a sheepdog, had the brains and speed. Blankie was normally a pussycat and almost a nuisance because he wanted to be so close to your side. On rare occasions, he had flashbacks to his earlier life, before Ellen saw him at the animal shelter. They suspected he had been abused. He wasn’t really friendly with anyone he didn’t know. If they were wearing jeans and Blankie didn’t know them, Blankie was known to bite. He bit one of Ellen’s friends right on the butt, perhaps because of the jeans, perhaps because he just didn’t know the friend, or perhaps he was being territorial. At any rate, a rather vicious growl from Blankie was not usual. Steve ran around the back of the house where there was a bay window which gave the Senecas a great view down the hill over the sweeping plains to the mountain in the distance. What Steve then saw shocked him like nothing else in the last two weeks of coping with zombie attacks.

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