Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Sample from 'Flatline Virus'

To set up the scene...Steve and Ellen, on their way home from their zombie-ruined honeymoon, spot a school bus on the side of the highway which Ellen recognizes as one from the school where she is a teacher. Two zombies are attempting to get in...

From a kneeling position, Steve swung the tire iron around and struck the bus driver on the side of the skull, sending him awkwardly off balance. This allowed Steve to get up and face a zombie who finally saw a meal outside the bus instead of through glass. The bus driver lunged forward at Steve, trying to grab an arm. Steve swung the baseball bat down on both of the driver’s extended arms. Steve could hear them both break. There was no cry of pain from the Z, only another advance toward Steve. Steve jammed the barrel of the bat into the face of the bus driver, sending him three steps backwards. Not deterred, the bus driver advanced again, somewhat more cautiously, waiting for Steve to make a move. Whether it was his Border Patrol training, his humanness, his youthful quickness, or just a survival instinct, Steve used all of them in a blitz attack on the zombie bus driver. It was clearly startled, trying to move back and to the side. But Steve was just too quick. He took a swing at the Z’s lower legs, breaking one, as he got behind his opponent, taking another swing at his head, bringing him down to the ground. With three more roundhouse home run swings to the Z’s skull, he threw the bat to the side, and shoved the sharp end of the tire iron into the ear socket of the bus driver. The kids on the bus had their noses pressed up against the windows. They were very impressed with Steve’s superhero action and quite happy to get out of the bus. After they untied their scarves, belts, and ties (which they had used to secure the door, preventing the dead driver from getting in), a few sped into the bushes to relieve themselves.

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