Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Book & 4000 Page Views!

New Book...The writing is finished. It's at 47,500 words or so, I still have a lot to do before it's ready to publish. I need a title which I'm working on. I need a cover which I'm also working on. I need to edit it which I've started. Generally I go through a number of edits before I'm satisfied. The book may get a little longer as a result. Also, this time I didn't place chapter headings in all the places I need. That will be part of the edit process.

The story takes us from the Congo where the virus originates (like the Ebola or AIDS virus, the simian connection is unmistakeable in a place where nasty diseases boil up from time to time). It spreads quickly and widely from there. We'll follow some of these connections. Some of them cross as the story unfolds. The scene becomes apocalyptic with only the hope of a cure for the disease. Also included is a romantic entanglement for spice.

Also, the blog just passed 4000 page views, another milestone.

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