Monday, March 5, 2012

Book 3 and Latest Painting (the Eye)

Book Three (untitled) is progressing. Up to about 3000 words. I have the story. It's a matter of putting down the words and thinking through the dialogue and action for best effect.

My latest painting is a still life (I guess that's the category it's in) of an eye. For my first year I stuck with landscapes. This year I wanted to venture out a little, so I've tried the reptiles, their eyes, a portrait, a vase of tulips, and now a human eye. It's posted. My wife asked me, "Who would buy that?"

"Probably no one," I said. It was more of an exercise in creative stimulation.

Only 99 more page views for 3,000. Less than a year now for this website. Must be a way to add viewers.

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