Monday, July 4, 2011

My One Amazon Reviewer-For Now

This is Ross' picture from his Amazon reviewer profile.

I'll never know how many potential readers Ross has chased away. He reviewed the book about a week after it was published; and yet, Amazon still remains a strong sales outlet for me. I have only one review from Amazon and it's my best sales channel. I have more from B&N and Apple. Was that one early review responsible? Maybe. I still wonder how he confused my zombie book with a work of William Gibson (the famous author) who would never think of stooping to a book about the re-animation of the dead and sell it at the ridiculously low offering price of $2.99. Ever notice a William Gibson (the famous author) title as compared to the author's name? Very, very different from mine. His name is larger than the title (because it's the draw for readers). I guess Ross was duped by my fabulous marketing effort and compelling cover. Check out Ross' other reviews. My view is that his view is rather negative overall.

Happy July 4th!!!

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