Friday, April 8, 2016

Wild Men

I am so pleased with sales of Wild Men. Sales are rapidly approaching levels in the time since the book's release in February 19th that are half of my best Zombie book's results for the first year.

The subject of men or beasts running around in the forests in the 1800s and early 1900s seems to be as compelling to others as it was to me. My first thought before the research was that a portion of these must be sightings or encounters with something that people did not know what they were seeing. Certainly many, maybe most, of the sightings were men who, for one reason or another, crazy or solitary-minded, sought the quiet and solitude of the forest. The time was right, i.e. the excitement of the wild and untamed west. I was most enthralled with how newspapers described the subjects of the stories. Some encounters or sightings were very likely those of beasts, e.g. man-like apes that roamed the uncivilized areas of North America and not just the Pacific Northwest. Witnesses may have exaggerated or imagined more than what they saw. Did they see claws, glowing eyes and the like? Thirteen foot beasts? We'll probably never really know.

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