Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Prize (in Acrylics) Won at Taunton Art Show!

My entry #1, Chariot Tracks of Ancient Pompeii, won First Prize (Acrylics category) at the Taunton Art Association's Fall Art Show. I'll have to hand it to the judging. Not that I won, but it was my best work that did. I still think my Iguana picture, 'Liz Odd', is pretty much an equal in detail and technique, but I guess it just doesn't have the intangible.

Another good piece of news. I sold an art piece, 'Misty Summer Morning'. I believe it was a woman who was an active member of the Art Association. I failed to get her name. I'm not sure any other pieces were sold by other artists. I did price mine low enough to be marketable.

The judge's comments were posted under my winning painting. They were as follows.

Judge's Notes: 1st Place Acrylic
Recognized it to be Pompeii
Loved the vanishing point
Strong work with excellent texture

Overall, it was a good day.

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