Sunday, May 13, 2012

Alien Contact : Titan [Book 3] is Published!

I have uploaded the final edit of 'Alien Contact : Titan' to Smashwords and Amazon. Both are in review now. Smashwords is my distributor who will distribute the book to Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo and others. An image of the book is on the right of the blog. It is priced, like my others, at $2.99.


Two Titan missions followed the successful manned exploration of Europa in 2135. The 'First Contact' there engendered great enthusiasm for more exploration and discovery. Several of the most advanced technology-rich nations followed with manned flights to worlds in the solar system where life might exist.

Both the Chinese and the joint US/UK missions found life on Titan. Or it found them.

Meanwhile on Earth, the world's top two superpowers, US and China, were close to an armed confrontation relating to claims made on the Republic of China, formerly known as Taiwan.

Captain Ray Haskins of the joint US/UK mission to the Saturn moon, Titan, was the father-in-law of the captain of the other Titan mission, one from China. Ray hadn't seen his only daughter in 10 years. His son-in-law was the reason why.

The setting has the makings of a chilly family reunion on Titan, almost 900 million miles from earth and 290 degree below unforgiving father-in-law, an insensitive son-in-law, and an unusual cast of alien life forms, one of which may bring about the end of the human species.

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