Monday, December 19, 2011

A Repost - Some Unusual Words (and what they mean) You'll See in 'Homo Optimus'

These are some words you'll see in the book that are designed to describe something in the future, say 124 years from now. Some are words that currently exist, just not in everyone's everyday vocabulary.

the Hype-a slang word for (all the data on) the network of networks, formerly called the internet. It's short for Hyperfinite, meaning a very, very large number, approaching an infinite number, like the amount of data on it.

Aqualiens - extraterrestrial beings that live in water.

Data skins - the augmented reality related to a specific person, place or thing.

Astrobiologist - A scientist who makes use of physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, molecular biology, ecology, planetary science, geography, and geology to investigate the possibility of life on other worlds.

Benthic - relating to the collection of organisms that live at the bottom of the sea

Cryophilic - relating to organisms that thrive in the cold

Augmented Reality - a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input. Thus, the technology is supposed to enhance the current perception of reality. Ever watch a football game where the scrimmage line is in blue and the first down line is in orange...and there's an arrow on the field denoting that it's first down and 10? That's augmented reality today.

the Legacy - kind of like a super-Facebook where everyone captures (video, audio, images, text, etc.) almost everything of significance in their lives on the web from birth to death.

Cephalopods - a member of the family of mollusks, e.g. squid, octopus.

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