Monday, November 7, 2011

'The Origin of Homo Optimus: Humans, Aliens and Superbrains' now published!

It's now on Amazon and Smashwords, the distributor/retailer for $2.99 in e-book format. Soon to be available in the Apple iStore (using the app or thru iTunes store), Barnes & Noble, Sony, etc.

So Bill, why did you write this one?

Let's go back to the first one. Why did I do that?
1. I had an idea for a zombie book and wanted to see if I could see it through.
2. Well, I did see it through. Then I thought, maybe I can get it published.
3. Then I discovered I could publish it on my own in electronic format.
4. Not only that, but I found I could publish for almost nothing and people actually bought it.
5. The process of developing an idea, researching it, writing a story with characters and a plot, then seeing it through to publication was exhilarating and a great creative outlet during the golf off-season, while my paintings were drying.
6. So, I wrote a second one and here we are.

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