Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Book - likely to be called 'The Origin of Homo Optimus'

Here's an update. The following are completed: 1) re-formatting for e-book submission; 2) first and second edits; 3) draft of book cover (see at right); 4) book title (I believe I'm sticking with the one at right; 5) first draft of a short description of the story line which I'll need for e-book submission.

Right now the book stands at 53,000 words in length.

What's left?
1) Maybe one more edit; 2) finalizing a few techy words in the book, e.g. my word for the web or internet. It's important because I use it a number of times; and 3) finalizing the book cover, title, and short description. Oh, almost forgot...I need to produce a book trailer (about a 40-45 second spot video like a movie trailer which attaches to this blog and Smashwords, the potential reader some idea about the book in more than just words).

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